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The Cost of Living: A Life for A Life is now an Audiobook too!


Coming to an earbud near you! 

Listen to this suspenseful audiobook now. Available on Amazon and I-tunes.  For fans of The Handmaid’s Tale (and everyone else).

What? You don’t have an Audible account? Fix that here: https://adbl.co/2QM2tR3

 Also available in e-book and paperback. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D3YY45Q

Still Working Hard

I confess to neglecting my blog here, but not my writing. I’m working hard on NanoMorphosis,  raising the writing to a higher level.  The scifi story I’ve written is solid and won’t change, but I’m concentrating on reducing narrative and adding dialogue to carry the action forward. The challenge in world building is always to find a way to convey the necessary information without bogging the reader down with long tedious explanations.   Most of the changes won’t be major, but this tweaking makes a definite difference in readability.  Right now, my manuscript is being looked at by the scifi publisher Angry Robots.  So wish me luck with that.  Self-publishing is still an option and may be the best choice, once I’ve finished this last editing.  We’ll see …