Advance Review Copies for NanoMorphosis

Hello Fellow Sci Fi Enthusiasts.  I am looking for people to read and review my book. I will provide a review copy to anyone who will commit to posting an honest review. If interested reply here.  Thanks so much!

Here is a brief description to wet your reader appetite:

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. Hope lies either in resettlement beyond our solar system, or overcoming the hostile environments within it.  Unfortunately, neither approach is working.

The search for a new earth has been stymied by the alien Garuda, who wiped out Earth’s deep space outposts. And attempts to re-engineer humans to survive hostile environments have been banned after a disfiguring manmade plague created an abhorred subclass.

Astrophysicist Daniel Walker wants to lead a mission to prove the planet his parents discovered is the hoped-for new world. Seeing them slaughtered by the Garuda when he was a child left emotional scars and the resolve to continue their work, a goal that takes precedence over all else, even his relationship with his lover and staunchest supporter, Serena Covington.

Renowned nanotechnologist, Dr. Cadmon Dhyre, is an ostracized nanogen carrier, who struggles daily against fear and prejudice. He is determined to create a new nanogen to correct the malfunctioning one inside him, and will destroy anyone who opposes him.

When Daniel gets in Cadmon’s way, he must face his deepest fears in a conflict that will redefine what it means to be human, and ultimately decide the fate of mankind.